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I tried to not draw or paint for a month and I realized how important it is to me.
Also I didn't write (stories or poems) for a couple of weeks but I couldn't survive that one and I gave in...

And so the other day I draw some symbols and letters and I felt like I could breath again. WOW!

(It must sound silly to people without artistic tendencies but for me art is (almost) all I've got.)

And all this experiment started after I finished a painting class in my university and I was feeling so useless all the while but in the end I got 9/10 for the class and I felt like something was wrong.

My teacher said that I tried and I did some good things but he said that my paintings "are art; bad art, but art" and I felt really bad about myself, because I was trying all my life to became an artist (while hating the fact that I had an artistic personality and I am really sensitive... to everything) and his words made me afraid to paint something less that what I paint during class.

In the end I realised that my problem during the course was that I care about art and I wanted to learn more things about it, not just pass the class. Which made me restless and intrigued in a degree that I swear to never paint again (...denial...) because I couldn't paint as perfectly as I wished to.(...acceptance...)

I still can't bring myself to paint but I'll get there eventually. The experiment was so I could see if art is really important to me, if it was worth the anxiety that I felt... and the answer is yes, because I'm a person with artistic tendencies by "design" therefore it's in my "nature" to make art.(or at least try to...)

I hope everyone is alright and keep fighting with their demons(because if you don't fight you can't expect to win, right?) and I wish everyone to be healthy and happy(if possible).
Thanks for reading my "stuff", we'll be in touch...

(not literally touch, because that's against physic's laws... but you know what I mean...)  :)

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Strooitje Featured By Owner May 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your latest :+fav:s, Joy
joy97 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016
You are welcome.

They where both wonderful (and quite educating too)...

Thank you, for drawing them!
Strooitje Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, i'm glad you learned from it... :)
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